Tattoo Removal Near Me May Not Be The Best Option

That tattoo felt like the perfect way to express yourself when you were younger, but now you wish it would go away. When you type in “tattoo removal near me”, the Google algorithm basically shows you expensive and painful laser treatments by doctors and professionals in your local neighborhood.

There are now affordable, faster, and no pain natural alternatives to lasers.

Check out these before and after photos with no laser tattoo removal:



Watch this video to learn how:


Tattoo Pain Chart

Speaking of pain, the tattoo pain chart shows that the most painful areas to be tattooed are the armpit, rib cage, ankles, and shins, groin, elbows, nipples, and breasts. The hips, lips, ears, face, feet, and toes are also very painful,
while the forearm, outer bicep, upper outer thigh, and outer shoulders are considered least painful.

How long does it take for a tattoo to heal?

Getting a tattoo is an important moment in your life, and when you decide to get a tattoo, you will feel like showing it off to your friends. However, you need to wait for it to heal, and the period will depend on its size, your habits,
and where it’s located in your body.

And though a tattoo is more than art and helps you express your personal style, don’t forget that it’s a medical procedure since an artist pierces your skin with a needle. Therefore, the exposed skin is vulnerable to infections and

How many sessions does it take to remove a tattoo?

New tattoos must go through a healing process which is usually split into three stages. Therefore, you need to protect it from infectious organisms until it fully heals. These stages are:

Stage 1 (1-6 Days)

During the first 1-6 days, the tattoo will show symptoms such as oozing, swelling, and redness. This will improve gradually, and a scab will form on the tattoo spot.

The first stage starts the moment you get a tattoo. The area is now an open wound, and the body will initiate recovery using plasma that will make the wound clot and form a scab. During this stage, the artist will clean the wound using antibacterial soap and put a bandage to protect against harmful microorganisms.

Though artists use different approaches, most usually put a wrap for 12-24 hours. The wrapping material can be a bandage or a plastic material. After removing the wrap, the skin will likely start to ooze plasma, blood and ink.

It’s natural since the body is repairing itself. I recommend you wash the plasma and blood with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap; they can be food for harmful pathogens.

And avoid using any rough towel or washcloth as this can remove the scan and cause delays in healing. Also, the use of dirty towels is highly discouraged as they can infect your wound.

The tattoo will be very sore at this stage, and this can go on for many days, especially if it’s a large tattoo. The tattooed area also feels warm to touch during this stage, but it proceeds to stage 2, then you need to visit a doctor.
Avoid exposing the tattoo to the sun to fasten the healing process.

Stage 2 (7-14)

This is the most dreaded stage in the healing process of the tattoo. It’s popular for the “itchy ink”, and most scabs are now hard while some have even begun to flake off. Your skin will also become dry, and can easily flake without you even noticing.

If you notice a delay in flaking your tattoos, then don’t worry, as it could be proceeding at a smaller scale. The light tattoos, especially ones with plenty of white ink, will easily flake and peel compared to dark ones. You should keep
your skin moisturized at this stage to prevent itching common with flaking. You can also lightly tap the area or rewash it if it feels too itchy.

Stage 3

This is the last stage in the tattoo healing process, and the flaky and scabby areas should have disappeared though some may still be standing. The tattooed area may still be sensitive to touch and also flaky. I would recommend you keep it moisturized.

The skin will fully heal in the next 2-3 months, and the beauty will emerge once the new skin layer reaches the surface. At times, it can be grey when healing.

Newest Tattoo Removal

If you obtained a tattoo and now regret having it or if it didn’t turn out as expected, then you can get it removed. One of the top removal options is the non-laser removal technique that helps you remove undesirable ink from your skin.

Tattoo Cover-up

If your tattoo is not pleasing as you expected, you can opt for a cover-up tattoo that will help you clear the mess. It is also helpful if your old tattoo is fading and you only need an appointment to get moving.

Bottom-line- Tattoo Removal Near Me

As stated earlier, you can find the nearest tattoo specialist or doctor by searching “tattoo services near me” on Google. It will help you get linked to the professionals in your area.

But don’t forget to check your other choices such as laserless tattoo removal before you pay thousands to remove that unwanted tattoo.

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