How To Remove A Tattoo: Questions and Reasons

For most people, whether or not they should have a tattoo is a personal choice. However, millions of others including children, want to know how to remove a tattoo because these markings were forced on themselves. For instance, children can be abducted and their tormentors can go as far as leaving them with permanent tattoos.

Because the tattoos are usually placed in the most obvious and visible parts of the body such as the face, the victims have to live with the bad memories in their lifetime. For the longest time, tattoos left permanent marks, it was hard to do away with them.

Today, it is now possible to remove tattoos using natural organic products or expensive laser sessions. However, people still have a lot of questions about tattoo removal and this is what we are here to address today.

Where Did Tattoos Originate?

There is no specific origin of tattoos as the art has been practiced by almost every human culture in historic times. Ethnographic and historical texts also reveal that the ancient Greeks relied on tattoos to communicate with each other in the fifth century.

Tattoos were also used to make criminals and slaves amongst the Romans at around the same time that the Greeks used them. Japan, Tahiti, and other Asian communities also had tattoos from as early as the 5th century.

In What Ways Can I Get Rid of a Tattoo?

As part of tattoo removal, there are two categories: (1) popular natural treatments and (2) laser technology.  Some patients opt for complete removal while others want a revision of their art. 

Revision or partial removal are for people who want to alter how their tattoos look. They want a certain part removed or another component added so that the tattoo can depict a different thing other than the original.

10 Reasons To Get Rid Or Remove A Tattoo

The reasons why people want to remove their tattoos vary from case to case. In most cases, the reason behind this decision is passion and personality changes. However, as time goes by, several things change, and these influence people to get their tattoos removed. Whereas this isn’t an easy decision, several factors come into place and influence tattoo removal. 

1. Out-of-date ink

Most people get tattooed according to their current situation and interest. However, in case their interests change, they look to get their tattoos removed. The best thing is that laser treatment is available to help you get rid of outdated tattoos.

2. Moving on

The reasons for having the tattoo may be no longer valid. For example, if your tattoo reminds you of a particular time or season you wish not to remember, you should get it removed.

3. Family matters

Removal of tattoos due to marriage is a common reason. For example, when you get funny tattoos during your teenage life, you may want them removed because your spouse dislikes them. Even though you should embrace your personality, you don’t want to have something that irritates your partner every time.

4. Distortion

As one ages, their tattoo distorts, and it doesn’t remain as perfect as when it was being installed. Sagged skins or wrinkles can make the tattoo distort. But, you don’t have to live with a distorted tattoo.

5. Poorly done makeup

Getting permanent eye blows is a perfect idea as it helps you look natural and save time. But what happens when they’re done poorly by an unskilled technician? But, you shouldn’t worry much as laser treatment is available to get the ink removed.

6. Switching careers

Tattoos are often associated with negative things such as immorality and gang activity. Some organizations don’t accept people with tattoos, and when joining them, you’re required to get yours removed. The military is an example of careers you can’t join having a tattoo.

7. Fading

Tattoos are done in a place that constantly receives friction may fade over time. Even those located in low-traffic areas fade over time, and you should get them removed.

8. You got it when drunk.

Tattooing is a major decision that requires a lot of considerations. Getting one when you’re not sober may make you regret it much. But, thanks to laser treatment as several sessions will have it removed.

9. End of a relationship

You may get a tattoo to commemorate what you love or even get tattooed the name of your lover. If this relationship ends, you wouldn’t want to have the tattoo anymore, and you’ll want it removed.

10. If you want a different tattoo

If you get bored of your tattoo and you wish to have a new one, it’s possible to get the old one removed through laser treatment.

How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

Successful tattoo removal is not a one-and-done procedure. Usually, it entails long hours and days at a dermatologist. You also have to commit to multiple laser treatments. Healing and complete removal of a tattoo depends on the patient’s skin and its reaction to temporary lifting of the tattoos.

When you visit a dermatologist, the doctor will examine your tattoo, check your skin, and analyze the risk involved before giving the right recommendations. If everything checks out, the doctor will use tattoo laser removal technology to absorb the tattoo ink from your body.

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Yes, laser tattoo removal can cause some level of discomfort. However, after undergoing the removal procedure, many patients say that the procedure hurt less than expected.

There is a common belief that tattoo removal is excruciating. However, the truth is, if you have a tattoo on you, you can bear the pain of its removal. Basically, the pain of having a tattoo is more than that of its removal. So, the pain of tattoo removal can cause discomfort but it is bearable.

Is Tattoo Removal Worth It?

This depends on why you have the tattoo in the first place. Most people have tattoos with names of their loved ones, some form of art, or in worse cases, the tattoo was put on them against their wishes.

Whether or not tattoo removal is worth it depends on how bad it makes you feel. For instance, if you had the name of an ex-lover tattooed on you, it is normal to want to do away with it.

If you have a tattoo forcefully drawn on you, you will want to remove it regardless of what is involved in the process. If removing the tattoo gives you self-confidence and peace of mind, then it is definitely worth it.

How to Get Rid of Gang and Racist Tattoos

Gang and racist tattoos can make you feel awful especially if you do not share the same ideas anymore. However, most people are afraid to come out and seek help because of the stigma attached to the culture.

Fortunately, there are tattoo shops that are willing to remove these gang and racist tattoos with the guarantee of utmost discretion. If anything, some tattoo artists are willing to help people remove such tattoos for free. All you have to do is look for them.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Tattoo Removed?

Most tattoo removal practitioners charge a premium for their services and time. The average pricing of each tattoo removal session ranges between $100 and $5000. Complete tattoo removal takes between five and ten sessions depending on how complicated yours is.

While it is true the cost of complete tattoo removal varies from one patient to another, you can use the above-mentioned rates to calculate the approximate amount that the procedure is likely to cost you.

Why is Tattoo Removal So Expensive?

The high cost of tattoo removal can be attributed to the laser technology used. It takes a high level of expertise and skill to operate such equipment. Acquiring one is also not as cheap so tattoo artists usually want to get their money back.

Removing a tattoo also involves a lot of work and time. This means that the patients have to pay extra for the tattoo artists to get the motivation to go the extra mile. To think that the patient needs several sessions to completely remove the tattoo makes the process more expensive.

Finally, finding a tattoo shop that can remove a tattoo perfectly with minimal to no complications is hard. If you find one, you have to pay the premium price for the service.

The Key Takeaway

As discussed earlier, people seek tattoo removal services for different reasons. The worst case is when a patient has a tattoo that was forcefully engraved on their body. Gang and racist tattoos also pose a problem for most people with tattoos, especially if their beliefs have changed over time.

Laser tattoo removal is the most expensive type of tattoo removal. Patients can either opt for full removal or have a revision of their current tattoos. Either way, the cost of removing a tattoo is very high and can take several sessions before the piece of art is completely removed from the patient’s body.

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